We, Samskara

We were just born 10 months ago, only you can help us build a story.

In the mean time, here’s an insight on the founder.

About the Founder 

Organic Vegan Supplements

Organic Vegan Supplements

My journey so far:

Born in Jaipur, raised in Dubai, Spain and U.K, a Business Finance graduate from the University of Leicester, a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Vegetarianism -> Plant based

After being raised in a vegetarian household, the lifestyle was as natural as brushing my teeth in the morning.

However, during the excess of free time during my sabbatical year at the University, I found myself studying extensively about Food and a Vegan lifestyle. I was surprised to know everything I did about the dairy industry.

Not too long after, I found myself eating my last Kit-Kat (my favorite as a kid) during a summer midnight in 2011. That’s when I switched to a plant-based lifestyle.

The lifestyle was in fact driven by the rise of the digital era and information technology. This Informational overload era sprung consciousness into a variety of fields with in the food industry and even other! Another interesting revelation came over me -Superfoods!

I started experimenting in the kitchen like all Millennials do! I came to the conclusion that Dates are an absolute necessity, in all kitchens! Dates could easily replace Sugar and a lot of other unnecessary unhealthy contaminated supermarket products.

My new favorite vegetable protein (vegan) became Hemp, in fact, it is still, strongly planted as my favourite over nearly a decade!

Spreading awareness about dietary evolution also became very natural to me, as I never intended to.

Change to Serving

After seeking peace within various industries, from Sports Retail, to restaurants, fashion, tourism, personal fitness training, multinational Corporates, I realised I most enjoyed serving people knowledge of movement and nutrition. It felt rewarding! Therefore, I decided to give up a secure corporate job to fully invest my resources and energy in doing what felt best to me! That led to the creation of Samskara.

SamskaraWe, Samskara

I would love for you to come and discover what Samskara really means. Check out our blog post: What does samskara mean? GB ES Click here)

Samskara – a start up born in Barcelona is a health and supplement brand that specializes in organic and vegan dry products (100% based on plants) and serves both B2B (for companies/restaurants/retailers – large orders) and B2C (for customers – via web / Amazon). Instead of Hocus-Pocus (design and aesthetics), our focus is mainly to serve quality (organic / ecological) at friendly prices.


I’m constantly impelled to create ideas and products that ignite powerful States of self-awareness, focus, strength, concentration and recovery. My next challenges are learning more about Ayurveda, energy saving and improving productivity! I am particularly interested in the development of movement and habits, the psychology of Millennials and the discord between variation and routine. Currently, the only source of research is, of the self, through in-depth internal self-evaluation.

Philosophy and services

Samskara has strict philosophy of working with products that are organic, GMO free, sugar free, gluten free, chemical free, free artificial flavorant, 100% natural organic bio quality with a focus on lifestyle supplements.

In addition to the B2B and B2C distribution of samskara products, the company also:
  • Import and distributes seedless Dates.
  • Provides white label / private label vegan organic supplements.
  • Offers retail consultations to commercial companies that seek alternative adaptations.
  • Provides a lifestyle and movement consultation (personal training)