About Samskara

We are more than a food product company

You can eat the kale, drink  alkaline water, take  supplements, do pilates or hit the gym. But only if you deal with the stuff going on in your heart and mind, will you be healthy

We empower others like you to ‘healthify’ their eating habits, recipes and lifestyle!

Our Philosophy

Samskara firmly believes the key to wellbeing is feeling strong, alive, capable and confident. We are committed to empowering everyone to choose a diet that is improved with the addition of superfoods, wholefoods and natural supplements.

Samskara comes from the Sanskrit sam (complete or joined together) and kara (action, cause, or doing). True to our identity, our purpose is to create harmony between people and plants. This journey starts with the quest to find naturally energizing, nutrient-rich, sourced sustainably plants from their original environments. We search for producers and farmers whose approach and values match our own ensuring that we provide you with nothing but the best. 

We care for your wellbeing, our communities and our planet. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we discover and share these global treasures.

Mohit, the founder of Samskara, pays close attention to every ingredient introduced under the brand. He believes food should naturally be organic and full of life, without worrying about ever reading labels. He believes Hemp Protein Shakes should be a safe beverage for all ages, heavily endorsing the use of Hemp! 

”It surely tastes a little earthy, but it grows onto you”

Learn more about Mohit’s journey so far, click here.

So natural, you’d be sipping Protein shakes with your grand-mom!

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