Samskara Tribe

We are more than a food product company

You can eat the kale, drink  alkaline water, take  supplements, do pilates or hit the gym. But only if you deal with the stuff going on in your heart and mind, will you be healthy

We empower others like you to ‘healthify’ their eating habits, recipes and lifestyle!

We offer the blueprint to your new lifestyle.

Change begins from within. It is about balancing between raw and processed, growth that is internal as well as external, furthermore evolving into the best physical, spiritual and mental version of yourself.

Our Values


Do what’s right so everybody wins.


Maintaining clarity and diversity.


Mastering and making peace with time.

We’re changing the status quo!  So natural, you’d be sipping Protein shakes with your grand-mom!

Mohit, the founder of Samskara, pays close attention to every ingredient introduced under the brand. He believes food should naturally be organic and full of life, without worrying about ever reading labels. He believes Hemp Protein Shakes should be a safe beverage for all ages, heavily endorsing the use of Hemp! 

”It surely tastes a little earthy, but it grows onto you”

Learn more about Mohit’s journey so far, click here.

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