We, Samskara

We strive to radiate and enrich our freedom of physical movement and nutritional choices paired with development of balanced habits and discipline

About the Founder

Born in Jaipur, India and raised in Dubai, Spain and U.K, Mohit is a Business and Finance graduate from University of Leicester (U.K), and a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist.  With professional experiences in Sports Retail, Restaurants, Fashion, Tourism, Fitness Personal Training, and even Multinational Corporates, Mohit decided

he most enjoyed serving people Nutrition and Knowledge, it felt rewarding to him. Since then, he quit his corporate job in 2018 to fully invest resources and energy in pursuing his drive for serving the people Health and Food, which led to the creation of Samskara.

He intends to design Samskara products with consideration to appropriate combinations for productivity, ease of digestion and adequate absorption of nutrients. After 2 years of combating and making peace with his addiction of Cannabis use and Food Eating/Emotional Eating disorder, he is driven to create ideas and products that ignite powerful states of consciousness that render focus, strength, attention, concentration and recovery while showering our bodies with highly nutritious supplements.  His next challenges are to know more about Ayurveda, energy saving and redistribution of energy, productivity enhancement, maintenance and improving practical knowledge of human body & movement capacities.

Samskara – born in Barcelona is a health and supplement brand that specialises in organic and vegan dry produce (100% plant based) and serves to both, B2b (to businesses – large orders) and B2c (to clients – via web/Amazon)

Samskara has strict philosophy of working with products that are Organic, GMO free, sugar free, gluten free, chemical free, artificial flavouring free, 100% natural Bio Ecological quality with a focus on Lifestyle supplements.

Apart from B2b and B2c Distribution of Samskara products, the company also:

  • Provides lifestyle & movement consultation (Personal Training) and

  • Specialises in introducing and sustaining Healthy habits. 

  • Substance abuse consultation and recovery.

The term Samskara in essence has a deeper meaning to the inner impulses each one of us have, and we wish to empower each other to connect with that source through lifestyle and nutrition