Author: Mohit Khanwani


Human Crawl Body weight exercise
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Human Crawl Exercise – 1 Powerful Body Weight Movement workout

Heard of the Human Crawl? Of course, you have, it is neurologically ingrained into your system since you were a little baby.

What better way to reconnect with our childlike mind than performing it into our exercise routine! Bodyweight training is simple and effective.

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Eye Fitness and Health - sharpen your eye
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Eye Health and Fitness – 7 minute powerful practice to sharpen your eye

Eye Fitness and Health – Too much screen time? How is your Eye Health and Fitness? Our eyes are perhaps, for many, the most valued asset we have in this temple we inhabit, at least, for me, at this moment. Which is why I consider Eye Health extremely important. Here are a few of the practices I have incorporated in my daily routine over the last 7-8 years.

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