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Let’s get to know you and understand how we can serve you

We’ve been observing the markets for decades, it’s time to collaborate and create new markets together

Traditional businesses often compete for a market – however, we, at Samskara are rather interested in creating new and multiplying the existing market.

How can we work together?

Import and Wholesale of

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Distribution of exclusive Samskara products for

Fancy selling our products to your clients?

Private label/White Label

We can package our products with your logo so that you could sell it to your clients with exclusivity! 

Or even – Design your own product mix!!

Samskara White Label

Expand your business to cater to Vegan and Vegetarian diets

From kitchen demos to understanding how to use our ingredients, let us help you in winning your clients and your community.

Let’s healthify!

Product / Recipe design

Mohit, the founder is passionate about innovation with food. Let’s understand if together, we can create something rather interesting.

Let’s design, Let’s healthify!

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We also handle Import inquiries for LATAM region for

Sell your products on our website!

If your products comply with our philosophy, we would love to represent your brand/product- it’s the beauty of synergy – let’s strengthen each other.

Learn more about our product requirements

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Searching for something you don’t see on our website – we have thousands of premium organic ingredients at our reach, perhaps we could help you out.

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New collaborations!

We love what we do, and always open to new ideas! Message us your thoughts and we can study together new projects!

In collaboration with

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Do you run a Food Distribution or E-commerce store? Or you may be an influencer?

Are you interested in representing Samskara in your country. Contact us now!

¿Tienes una cadena de distribución de alimentos o tienda Ecommerce? ¿O puedes ser que eres un influencer? ¿Estás interesado en representar Samskara en tu país? ¡Contáctanos ahora!

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