3 minutes to perfecting the Burpee exercise – How to do Burpees?
Learn finally how to do burpees to get the most fat-blasting results. Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to do a proper burpee and how to make the move easier or more difficult.

3 minutes to perfecting the Burpee exercise – How to do Burpees?

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The Burpee, probably the least desirable exercise to many, can grow to become one of your favourite all-time movements. It is is a very fulfilling full-body movement. It engages the core, back, shoulders, stabiliser core muscles, legs, arms, and even chest if full version performed.

Learn how to finally do a burpee and harness it’s fat-burning effects. Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to do a proper burpee and how to make the move easier.

Burpee exercise movement

How to perform a Burpee movement exercise ?

Preparation timeNone
Warm up+ WorkoutSimple Joint Mobility movements
Stretching4-5 minutes
Body parts workedStabiliser muscles, Core, Shoulders, Back
Legs, Arms, Chest
Key equipment/sYoga mat if needed
Workout Technicals


How to perform a Burpee?


1) Stand shoulder and hip-width apart.

During long in-breath, perform 2 and 3

2) Bending your hip and knee simultaneously, get low with a straight back, placing your hands also, shoulder/hip-width apart, in front of our legs.
3) Using both legs, jump to Extend your legs as far back possible, to bring your body at a plank / push up position.

During out-breath, perform 4 – 6

4) Jump back approaching your feet so they are placed behind your hands
5) Extend fully with a straight back placing your arms by the side of your body.
6) Perform a small jump.

Intermediate and Advanced – perform with a Knee push up / Full push up.

Make sure you have the basic components of the exercise down before you add weights or extra pushups or jumps.

You can further add more variations, such as Jumping Jack -Burpee, Mountain climber -Burpee, Squat Burpees, Burpee Box-Jumps, Burpee 180 Jumps, Burpee Squat jumps, Burpee Split Lunge and many more!!

Remember to warm up your body and joints before aiming for your desired number of repetitions. You can perform anywhere between 100 and 500 repetitions for a good full body routine. Stay composed, breathe deep, and sustain your self during the course of the workout.

Safety tips

Like any exercise, perform them safely and avoid injury.

Start slowly and just do a few reps at first. Once you get used to the move, try adding more reps. Try to work up to doing 8 or 10 reps in a row before pausing, then doing another set.

Because you need to drop to a pushup, the movement can put extra stress on your wrists and shoulders, so start slow and progress at your pace. There should never be any hurry.


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