How Often Should I Eat? 2 Wonderful Quick Insights Into Our Mind & Body’s Hunger

How Often Should I Eat? 2 Wonderful Quick Insights Into Our Mind & Body’s Hunger

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How often should I eat? ¿Con qué frecuencia debo comer?


Are you actually Hungry though? Realmente tienes Hambre?

Es muy importante que conectes con tu cuerpo y siempre respondas lo que te diga la mente 👾 Solo porque son las dos de la tarde, no significa que tengas que almorzar.🍽️ Sólo debes comer cuando tengas hambre. Si no tienes hambre, no comas. ¡Es muy sencillo! 🌱😃
Hay dos tipos de hambre✌️:
-1️⃣Uno es el hambre de la mente.👀, Este se concentra en el momento en que estás acostumbrado a comer.
-2️⃣🌱La otra es el hambre del estómago. 🌱
Pregúntate a ti mismo: ¿¿Tienes realmente hambre??🤔 ¡Por supuesto, come! ¡Pero come cuando tengas hambre!🌿😉

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How often should I eat? Hunger, Lifestyle

🌳It is very important that you connect with your body and not with your mind or your timetable only.⭕
Just because it is 2 O’clock, does not mean that you have to eat lunch. You should only eat when you are hungry. If you are not hungry, do not eat. Simple!
There are two types of hunger:
-1️⃣One is the hunger of the mind 🤔This concentrates on when you are accustomed to eat.
-2️⃣🌱The other is the hunger of the body.🌱
Ask yourself: Are you really hungry??🤔 Of course, eat! But eat when you are hungry!😉☘️
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