Moringa and it’s origin

Moringa Tree
Moringa Tree!

After a quick introduction we will review through the Benefits of Moringa and also summarise the side effects and suggested use of powder.

Moringa is a plant that is typically known by various other names, such as Horseradish tree, Been oil tree, and Drumstick tree. The plant is native to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or even Bangladesh. Surprisingly, the tree grows up to 12 meters in Tropical or Sub-tropical conditions. It’s pH level varies between 6 and 9. However, natives effectively use all its harvests for herbal purposes – from the leaves, to flower, bark, fruits and seeds! But the most common use is in form of leaves and pods. Furthermore, The leaves could be cold-pressed into powder form, which is the most available source of Moringa in the industry.

Moringa contains huge amounts of Vitamins, Proteins, Iron, Calcium, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, etc. Additionally it’s leaves are the great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Protein, Iron, and many others nutrients. It’s indeed the reason for the increasing popularity of Moringa tree.

Here at Samskara we consider it with in the top five superfoods (Nutriboosters) available. We believe Moringa beats Spirulina and Chlorella. Spirulina and Chlorella are under water algae, which is the reason we believe, should not be used very frequently.

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We have outlined ‘just a few’ of the amazing health Benefits  of  using Moringa!

Benefits of Moringa

  • Nourish Skin and Hair

Moringa – being a great combination of Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals have Dermatological properties! Meaning, they are great for skin and hair.  Natives apply the Seed Oil in their hair to stop Hair loss too!

  • Anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa is great for inflammation and swelling!  Like Turmeric, Moringa plant has anti-inflammatory qualities that not only improve swelling but also pain surrounding the area.

  • Combats Cancer cells                                              

Moringa has proven beneficial in combating Cancer too – it has properties that prevent Cancer development. Specifically, ‘niazimicin’ compound in Moringa, has been known to suppress the growth of Cancer cells. Further on, Moringa is also considered to reduce side effects of Chemotherapy.

Thiocarbamates such as niazimicin are found in the leaves and can be used as a chemopreventive agent [18,19]. Studies have suggested that the anticancer and chemopreventive property of MOE can be attributed to niazimicin [20,21]. (Source: click here)

  • Protect Liver

Moringa has properties that fight against the damage of Liver caused by anti-tubercular drugs! Therefore it could prove to be a great supplement to add if one is using many prescription drugs, or even a lot of Protein Shakes during their day.

  • Treats Stomach issues

Moringa extract is a great herbal remedy for the various kinds of stomach issues like gastritis, constipation or even ulcerative colitis. It’s high vitamin B content aids with digestion.

  • Making Bones Healthier

Moringa plant has significant amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus, which indeed aids in stronger and healthier bones! Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial for arthritis and bone damage issues.

  • Treating Bacterial Diseases

Moringa plant has antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that fight against bacterial diseases allying with the body against various types of infections like Salmonella, Rhizopus, and E. coli.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar                                                                                             

One of the most important aspects about Moringa is its capacity to reduce blood sugar! So if you find yourself in the middle of a sugar spike, we would recommend making yourself a Moringa tea for quick relief.

Moringa Powder’s Extremely Rich Nutritional profile per 100gr


Apart from all the above health benefits, Moringa has also shown to be beneficial in other cases such as mood disorders, asthma, anemia, cardiac damage, and many others. It’s amino acid contents also provide a natural boost of energy!

Moringa DrumSticks
Moringa (Drumsticks format)

Side Effects of Moringa 

Moringa root, bark or flowers are potentially unsafe for a pregnant person. Due to it’s potent anti-inflammatory characteristics, it can potentially contract the uterus leading to labour difficulties. However, there isn’t much information available regarding use of other parts of Moringa, so we recommend staying away from it during pregnancy. WEB-MD even recommends not using Moringa during Breast-feeding phase. (Source: Here)

Powder Suggested use.

Moringa can be consumed on the regular basis in the form of powder – between 3 – 7 grams a day.

One can add this in juices, shakes, sauces, smoothies, etc. It could also be sprinkled it on salad, roasted vegetables, pasta, or even in bakery items.

Moringa is commonly sold in powder form, or capsules/tablets, and/or oil.

Additionally we also have Moringa Leaves available if you fancy using it as Tea Format! Click here!

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