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Yasmina Moreno – Influencer & Team member at AnimaNaturalis (Animal welfare Organisation)

[ES] Desde hace 8 años que cambié mi vida dejando de comer animales. Me hice activista por los derechos de los animales, y no he parado de trabajar por hacer un mundo mejor para ellos. Me apasiona ver como entre todos vamos cambiando el mundo,y el veganismo viene imparable.
Desde hace dos años practico Crossfit, ahora no concibo la vida sin entrenar. Desde que hago este deporte me gusta cuidarme mucho más, ya que eso hace que tenga más energía. La alimentación es importante “somos lo que comemos”. Y confieso también, que me encanta poder demostrar, como llevar una alimentación vegana y hacer deporte es totalmente compatible.

[EN] I changed my life 8 years ago by giving up eating animals. I became an animal rights activist, and I have not stopped working to make a better world for them. I am passionate about seeing how we are changing the world, and veganism is unstoppable.
I’ve been doing Crossfit for two years, now I can’t comprehend life without training. Since I’ve been doing this sport I like to take care of myself a lot more, because it gives me more energy. Food is important as “we are what we eat”. And I also confess that I love to be able to demonstrate how a vegan diet and doing sport are totally compatible.  

Hannah Kenyon 

 – Intern at Samskara.                                                                                                                                                       – BA Spanish Student at the University of Leeds.

I chose to do a Digital Marketing internship with Samskara during my year abroad to encourage people to enhance their diet and lifestyle.
Working with Samskara has been a brilliant and enriching experience. Rotating around departments has enabled me to create a huge positive impact in so many ways, much more than I had anticipated. Undoubtably, a wonderful working environment.

Asma Hadachi 

– Intern at Samskara.                                                                                                                                                        – Student in International Trade at the Nicolas Brémontier Institute in Bordeaux (France).

It was a rich experience, thanks to Mohit, our founder, who allowed me to work in different departments I was able to accumulate many skills. I am sincerely grateful.
What I liked the most was the relationship of trust and the fact that I worked independently. It was a real pleasure to wake up in the morning and work. It was great!!
Merci beaucoup Samskara!!


Samskara Tribe’s Founder

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  • Bachelors of Arts in Management Studies with specialism in Finance with 2:1 in 2013
  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training 3 QCF CYQ in 2013

Areas of Research and Development

  • Posture and Back Health
  • Ayurveda
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming for Health and Wellbeing
  • Supplements for Focus, Alertness and Performance
  • Breathing and Meditation 
  • Raja Yoga
  • Martial Arts
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Emotional health and Recovery

His Vision


Educate to Self Reflect

so that one is able to self diagnose, correct, practice and grow internally

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dividing energy amongst all realms of life, including mind, body and intellect

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