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The Power Monday has arrived with your dose of motivation and knowledge to face the week with energy, a lot of strenght and a big smile.

“Tough times never last. Tough people do.”


Hard times come and go. Although today everything looks black, in a few years everything may have changed. Tough people keep fighting. The difficulties are transitory but people remain. People can persevere in the face of any obstacle that arises. Perseverance is the  ability to keep fighting despite the desire to surrender . It’s that little voice you have inside you that keeps saying “keep going” “don’t give up”, when the rest screams at you to give up, to stop.

The one who perseveres is one who does not give up when things go totally against him, or when life goes from bad to worse. It may be hard to keep fighting, but that is what makes us hard and determined with our ideals and goals. We will persevere.

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2. Pauer curiosity

Epic Yotube Channel : EVNautilus

Today I wanted to introduce you to a YouTube channel that fascinates me with EVNautilus. It is a channel dedicated to the exploration of the ocean and the seabed  that seeks discoveries in the fields of biology, geology, maritime history, physics, chemistry and that is taking education to a new level. from videos and streaming. You can watch their expeditions live. The seabed is fascinating , it looks like another planet. There are some really weird living things that I never imagined existed. I’ve seen beings who have left me speechless Nature is beautiful and amazing, we have to fight to keep it! Here are some of the ones that surprised me the most:

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PD: I wish you an epicweek!


Power Monday creator Pau Vancells

Hi, my name is Pau – creator of the Power Monday! I’m passionate about, health, movement, nutrition, motivation, curiosities and I want to contribute with some useful and functional knowledge I gather every now and then. You Can listen my podcast in Spanish here: POWER MONDAY PODCAST

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Some times we have to burn it down to build it up again.



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