Power Monday #3

Power Monday #3

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The Power Monday has arrived with your dose of motivation and knowledge to face the week with energy, a lot of strenght and a big smile.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

Chinese proverb

It’s never too late to start . Many times I become obsessed with the past with the things I did wrong. If I had done that, I would have acted differently, and so on. We often leave projects aside because we didn’t start them at the time we thought was appropriate.

I have to stop thinking about things I haven’t done and start acting . Stop making excuses like, I’m too young, I’m too old to learn, I don’t feel well, and so on. If you think there’s something you should have done, learned or started, it’s not too late. You can start right now, don’t get obsessed with the mistakes of the past and start living the present. If you want to succeed and grow in the future NOW is the best time to act .

56589155 prima orgánica polvo de proteína de cáñamo aislado en blanco

2. Pauer Curiosity

Bioadhesive gel

Uncontrolled bleeding is a major problem in surgical procedures and traumatic accidents. Hemostatic agents today do not control bleeding from arterial and heart wounds very well due to low adhesion to mobile and moist tissues.

A group of Chinese scientists has designed a photo-reactive adhesive that mimics the composition of the extracellular matrix . This hydrogel is activated by UV radiation and gels quickly by adhering to tissue, fixing and sealing arterial and heart wounds. This can withstand high blood pressure and contractions .

In clinical trials using pigs they have managed to close 6mm heart holes in just 20 seconds. This bio-gel has the ability to prevent patients from bleeding in the operating room, reduce recovery time and save the lives of people who suffer serious traumatic accidents. It is currently in clinical trials in humans.

3. Power Monday – Weekly song

Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Dance a little bit baby!

PD: I wish you a very good week! Plant the tree you want to grow now. It’s never too late!

Power Monday creator Pau Vancells
Hi, my name is Pau – creator of Power Monday! I’m passionate about, health, movement, nutrition, motivation, curiosities and I want to contribute with some useful and functional knowledge I gather every now and then.

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