Power Monday #4

Power Monday #4

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The Power Monday has arrived with your dose of motivation and knowledge to face the week with energy, a lot of strenght and a big smile.

“”Either push your limits or die”

bruce lee

Everyone has their own limits, physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, and so on. And everyone has to fight to overcome them and find new limits. It is a constant growth, you never reach a destination, because we will never be able to overcome the limits but to overcome them. You have to enjoy the process because there is no end.

Sometimes we become obsessed with goals that are beyond our limits. Being like someone, doing what other people do, or doing what you are “supposed” to do, we compete, compare, and disappoint ourselves. We forget that everyone is unique and has their own unique story. 

Fight to overcome your limits not those of others. Give the best of yourself.

56589155 prima orgánica polvo de proteína de cáñamo aislado en blanco

2. Pauer Curiosity


Shipworms are “worms” capable of feeding on wood found under the sea. These make holes in boats and harbor structures, and can cause significant damage. They are actually bivalve mollusks of the family Teredinidae: a group of long-bodied clams and have hundreds of very sharp teeth that cover the clam. Marine Shipworms store the wood they eat in a special digestive sac where bacteria degrade it.

An animal related to this family has recently been discovered that is able to eat stones . It lives in rivers and can pierce and feed on rocks or the bacteria that live in them. The mechanism is not entirely clear.
Sometimes we get obsessed with thinking about what extraterrestrial life would be like and we forget that in our world there are really amazing and very rare creatures.

Here’s a video of the worms found eating rocks!

3. Power Monday – Weekly song

Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Are You just gonna take that? Or will you fight back?

PD: I wish you an awesome week! Keep fighting to push your own limits, even if it seems impossible you can!

Power Monday creator Pau Vancells
Hi, my name is Pau – creator of Power Monday! I’m passionate about, health, movement, nutrition, motivation, curiosities and I want to contribute with some useful and functional knowledge I gather every now and then.

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