“Our problems become gifts once we learn from them”


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The Power Monday has arrived with your dose of motivation and knowledge to face the week with energy, a lot of strenght and a big smile.

“Our problems become gifts once we learn from them”

Nick Santonstasso

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you were born, or the money you have, everyone has problems. Today everyone shares the image that has no problem, we share the best photos the best moments and this causes a distortion of what we perceive as reality.

We can draw value from problems, it all depends on the meaning we give it. It may not be easy, but it is inevitable, sooner or later you will have problems. How do you interpret your problems? What can you learn from them?

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2. Pauer Curiosity

Is it safe to snap your fingers? And the back?

Surely, if you don’t, you know someone who snaps their fingers, arms, feet, back, or get any part of their body cracked. And many times you may have asked yourself the question: is it good for joint health?
We must first understand why it happens. When we crack a joint, what we do is force the release of gas (carbon dioxide) that is trapped in the lubricating fluid of the joint (synovial fluid), and we will not be able to do it again until the gas it accumulates again, usually taking at least 20 minutes.

There are different studies that indicate that snapping your fingers is NOT dangerous for joint health . However, it doesn’t seem to be positive either. Some studies indicate that it can improve joint mobility, but on the other hand others indicate that they decrease strength.

Sounds related to the movement of the spine usually occur when the spine bends forward or rotates and can be produced by several mechanisms: Rapid movement of air in the joint, when cartilage is degenerated, by movement rapid tendon, or spinal disc movements.

  • Self-rupture of the neck and back , although not highly dangerous, is NOT safe for the following reasons:
    There is a very small chance of disrupting blood flow to the vertebral arteries and cause a stroke.
    Causing excessive elongation of the ligaments (if it’s very repetitive for a long time)
    You can make your back worse if you have any problems with your spinal discs

The feeling of well-being when we self-sprawl our backs is mainly psychological. If you notice discomfort or back pain, try before doing certain stretches or contact a physiotherapist or a doctor.

3. Power Monday – Weekly song

Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins – Instrumental Medley

Amazing audio result in “8 Dimensions” Listen to this song with headphones and freak out!

PD: I wish you a very good week, remember that from all the problems we can extract great value!

Power Monday creator Pau Vancells
Hi, my name is Pau – creator of the Power Monday! I’m passionate about, health, movement, nutrition, motivation, curiosities and I want to contribute with some useful and functional knowledge I gather every now and then. You Can listen my podcast in Spanish here: POWER MONDAY PODCAST

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