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About Our 'Food for Thought' signature Protein blends

About Samskara Designed Products
Samskara Designed Products

All products under Samskara Designed Products are currently designed by the founder Mohit. He’s committed to carefully combining ingredients to maintain optimal digestive processes considering his lifetime learnings in reference to Diet, Nutrition, Ayurveda and Lifestyle. Most products are rich in protein, however, there are and will also be some Superfood combinations.

We avoid using any sweeteners, as sweetening your Blends with our Dates is our most recommended idea. Additionally, Mohit makes sure the number of ingredients in these blends could ideally be counted in one hand if not two hands – as most these ingredients are highly nutrient-dense and our bodies require time to process these.

If you would like to consult Mohit for creating your own blend for yourself or your company, get in touch with us right away!

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We believe that ‘healthy lifestyle’ is a flexible concept. Each one of us has different needs, however, we should be able to pick up a product without ever worrying about reading labels. We intend to empower each other with the ability to craft our own personally enriched experience of lifestyle, through food, and food for thought.

All our products are certified Organic / BIO / Ecological. We are very selective with the ingredients that are introduced under the brand, we examine every ingredient and determined to maintain them to be:

Artificial flavour free – no colourings, no conservatives and nothing that your mother or grandmother would put to on your plate.
Refined sugar-free – we do not use refined sugars and only stick to sweeteners in their natural state such as Dates, Stevia leaves and Jaggery/Raw cane sugar.
with no silly E numbers – just like you, we don’t understand these silly E-numbers on their ingredients list, so we refrain from introducing them to our brand too.
Gluten-free – the digestion of gluten normally slows the body down, with products focused on energised productive individuals, we maintain no gluten policy.
Plant-based (vegan) – none of our products is derived from Animal/s and is not tested on animals.
GMO-free – all our products are free from Genetically Modified Organisms.
Palm oil-free – with growing awareness about Palm Oil farming, we make sure we examine our producers are not using Palm oil in the production process.
free from Heavy-processing – we tolerate a certain amount of heat processes that have a low nutrient impacts such as boiling, spray drying and dehydration. We make sure our producers do not use harsh heating techniques in the production of our ingredients.
free from chemical alterations – we assure apart from the above, no extreme chemical alteration is done to our products.
100% natural – with all above being said, our products are 100% natural
=Full of Life 

Our product sizes and variables are appropriately created so we can get the most value out of the product/s for the price.
We recommend accessing every product page to learn more about the benefits and suggested uses of the product.
If you are interested in Wholesale, access our Wholesale page here where you can fill out our form and get exclusive pricing.
We aim to keep working for the greater good with reference to serving all Diversities. We envision adapting the Organic / Ecológical / BIO lifestyle as a human right and tendency rather than only serving a premium market.

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