Dates | Choco-Ginger | Seedless | Organic BIO | 150 gr x 6

Dates | Choco-Ginger | Seedless | Organic BIO | 150 gr x 6


  • ★ Only 3 ingredients – Dates with Pure cacai and Ginger powder ★
  • ★ Snack / Sweet healthy, natural – perfect for pre-workout / breakfast / between lunch / dessert ★
  • ★ Alternative to chocolate with fats and heavy butters | Alternative to cookies to take with tea / coffee ★
  • ★ Source of Vitamin A, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium! ★
  • ★ Suitable for vegans / vegetarians / lactose intolerant. Gluten free! ★

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Our badges will help you understand the benefits and properties of our products. For us is important to keep you informed about the food we put in your plate.

All our products are ecologically certified

Artificial Flavour Free


Gluten Free

GMO Free


Sugar Free



Suggested Uses

Raw Date bars

Product Description

★ Our Cocoa ECO / BIO dates are EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE! They have been our STAR PRODUCT! ★

Many of our clients are addicted! And what better “addiction” that has no side effects, healthy, ecological, and is made of simple ingredients.

Additionally, the dates are:

  • Source of vitamin A, niacin, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium!
  • NO SEEDS, SOFT, 100% natural
  • Free of GMO, without preservatives, sulfates or any of the unpleasant chemicals!
  • Ideal for energy bars, ice cream, bakery, pasta and syrups, and lots of creative cooking and production thanks to a moisture content of almost 19% (chewable and firm).
  • Replace sugar – the healthiest educolorant in the world!
  • 1kg gives about 125 – 140 pieces!

Suggested use:

  1. ✔ Eat them solo
  2. ✔As for dessert
  3. ✔ With Tea / Cafe
  4. ✔ food for energy
  5. ✔ Before Training
  6. ✔ With Breakfast
  7. ✔ Energy balls / Bars Mixed with a combination of nuts and spices / favorite flavors.

We recommend not eating 2/3 hours before sleeping.

★ Packaged with peace and love ★
★ Product may have a Spanish label/sticker ★
★ Resealable seal packaging ★

Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 34 cm

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