Organic Pitted Prunes | 100% Natural | Organic BIO

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Organic Pitted Prunes | 100% Natural | Organic BIO


🍀 Samskara Organic Pitted Prunes offer Digestive Health; Dehydrated prunes are rich in fiber and potassium, promoting regular bowel movements, aiding digestion, and supporting heart health. Furthermore a rich Vitamin and Mineral Profile – they contain essential vitamins (A, K, B vitamins) and minerals (magnesium, iron, copper) that contribute to various aspects of health, including vision, bone health, energy production, and immune function.🌈

🍀 Prunes are abundant in antioxidants, such as phenolic compounds and vitamin C, which help reduce oxidative stress, support the immune system, and promote youthful skin. Speaking of young,  Prunes provide natural carbohydrates, offering a quick energy boost and making them a suitable choice for athletes and individuals needing an energy pick-me-up.🌈

✅ Samskara Pitted Prunes are organically grown, GMO-free, and free from additives or artificial processing. They are a nutritious and convenient snack suitable for all ages and dietary preferences. 🌍 ✨

Suggested Use

🥥 Enjoy Organic Pitted Prunes as a standalone snack or add them to your morning cereals/bowls/oats, smoothies, or trail mixes for a burst of natural sweetness. They can also be used in baking, such as in cakes or muffins, to enhance both taste and texture. 🔔

Packaging and Origin

♻️ Our Organic Pitted Prunes are thoughtfully packaged in a sustainable, resealable bag to preserve their freshness and quality. The prunes are sourced from Turkey, renowned for its fertile lands and dedication to organic farming practices. Delight in the natural essence of these delicious prunes! 💙 🌍


Weight1,200 kg
Dimensions26 × 10 × 34 cm

1 kg, 250 gr x 8, 5 kg

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