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Lucuma Powder | Organic BIO


🍀Samskara Lucuma powder is a naturally sweet tasting fruit used to sweeten various desserts – it is rich in fiber, vitamins C and B3 but also minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, lucuma is an excellent source of carbohydrates, minerals and beta-carotene. 🌈

🍀 Samskara Lucuma powder is a fantastic alternative to refined sweeteners, it is a source of energy and is an excellent antioxidant, it has an antibacterial and antiviral effect, it also helps reduce stress. Lucuma is highly recommended to regulate blood circulation, nervous system and improve memory and in addition it keeps your skin healthy. 🌈

✅ Our Lucuma powder is organic/BIO, non-GMO, oil and palm oil free, sulfite free, refined sugar free, vegan friendly and free of chemicals and additives – 100% natural from the earth! We recommend it for all ages and genders. 🌍

🥥 We recommend adding Lucuma powder to all your sweet preparations, such as cakes, pies or even smoothies. You can also use it in your vegan fruit ice cream recipes, where it will add a nice texture and taste. Also, you can simply mix it in a vegetable drink/smoothies or sprinkle on your favorite granola/acai/yogurt bowl. It goes perfectly well with chocolate. 🌈

♻️ Lucuma Samskara powder is sealed inside a kraft bag made from recycled materials, has a zipper so you can store it instantly. Once used, please recycle/reuse it effectively and sustainably. Store in a cool and dry place!💙 Samskara Lucuma powder is native to the planet Earth,🌍 to be more precise, Peru.★📢

Lucuma Powder can be used as a naturally low GI sweetener

This makes it safe for diabetics. Lucuma Powder is great for the rest of us to help stabilize the blood sugar level (essential for all body cell functions)

It can be substituted for regular sugar in a 2: 1 ratio (2 tablespoons of Lucuma per 1 tablespoon of sugar).

Lucuma is rich in antioxidants. It is used as a natural healing medicine in South America, gracious to its antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It also:

  • Protects the skin from UV rays – thanks to the content of Beta-carotene
  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Natural Energy
  • Supports with digesting food
  • Perfect for adding to smoothies to add extra fiber
  • Aids muscle recovery
  • Improves teeth strength
  • Improves alertness
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-aging
  • Improves skin and hair appearance

★ Packaged with peace and love ★
★ Product may have a Spanish label/sticker ★
★ Resealable seal packaging ★

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Weight1,200 kg
Dimensions26 × 10 × 34 cm

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