Oat Flakes | Gluten Free | Organic

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Oat Flakes | Gluten Free | Organic


🍀Samskara oatmeal is a complete staple food, just like legumes or tubers. They contain a series of essential nutrients with many benefits for the body, including high content of carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber,iron, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. And many other nutrients like vitamin B and calcium. They are ideal to start the day, plus their calorie intake is limited! 🌈

🍀Samskara oatmeal, once in the body, swell and act as an appetite suppressant, they are easy to digest and facilitate intestinal transit. It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine and reduces blood sugar after a meal. Healthier than processed cereals, oatmeal has cholesterol-lowering properties. Nothing better to give you energy! 🌈

✅ Samskara Oatmeal is organic/Organic, non-GMO, oil and palm oil free, refined sugar free, vegan friendly and free of chemicals and additives, 100% natural from the earth! We recommend it for all ages and genders. 🌍 ✨

🥥 We recommend adding oats to your breakfast preparations, in your morning bowls with water or plant milk, you can incorporate them into your baking recipes, such as cereal bars, cookies, cookies, crumble batter and much more or replace flour in your pancakes. 🔔

♻️ Samskara Oatmeal is sealed inside a kraft bag made from recycled materials, has a zipper closure so you can store it instantly. Once used, please recycle/reuse it efficiently and sustainably. Store it in a cool and dry place!💙 Samskara oatmeal comes from the planet Earth,🌍 to be more precise, from Scotland and Germany.

Weight1,200 kg
Dimensions32 × 13 × 25 cm

1kg, 5kg

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