Brown Rice Protein Powder (80%) | Organic BIO

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Brown Rice Protein Powder (80%) | Organic BIO


🍀 Samskara’s Rice Protein is loaded with 80% Protein content, therefore a 30 grams serving provides 24 grams of quality plant absorbable protein to your body. Additionally our Rice Protein is Organic/ BIO, contains all essential and non essential amino acids! Our Rice Protein is neutral in odeur, has a neutral absent taste and between white and light yellow in colour. Ideal if you want to lose fat and gain muscle! It is very easily digested. 🌈

🍀 Rice Protein provides benefits you will notice such as improved energy and concentration. After consuming it, it reduces other food cravings, clean and efficient digestibility compared to other common processed protein powders additionally it is free from oligosaccharides that create nasty gases. 🌈

✅  Our Rice Protein is GMO free, oil and palm oil free, sulfites free, sugar free, vegan friendly and free from chemicals and additives – 100% Natural from Earth. We recommend it for all ages and all genders. 🌍

🥥✏️Our Rice Protein is best consumed with Water/Juice/Plant milk, or even blended with nuts and fruits and dry fruits. For further creativity, use the Rice protein in the kitchen in your creative recipes – such as raw vegan cake, energy bars, breakfast bowls and muesli mixes, yogurt bowls etc – 1 kg provides about 30 servings of 30gr – 40gr🔎

♻️ Our Rice Protein is packed in a Kraft bag made with recycled materials, has a zip lock so you can store it. Once used, please re-cycle/re-use it efficiently and sustainably. Store in a cool and dry spot away from direct sunlight.💙 🌍 Samskara’s Rice Protein is sourced from planet Earth, to be more precise, from China and further quality audited in Germany 🍀

Organic Rice Protein Powder BIO, Rice Protein:

80% of the protein content

EUROPEAN UNION CULTURE – PREMIUM The creamiest Rice Protein Powder on the market

With all amino acids,

including the nine essential amino acids.

Easy in the digestive system.

Neutral Flavor – combines well with all drinks (juices / vegetable milk / water / smoothies / smoothies / yogurt / flours / cereals).

with 80% protein content.

Without Fat or Sugars

Increase energy/productivity

Improves metabolism

Help reduce food cravings

Help the Reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure

It helps improve the immune system

No more gas or stomach upset: this plant-based protein does not contain oligosaccharides!
Vegan, Gluten-free, OM-Free
No preservatives, addictive or artificial flavors ★
No sugar, 0% trans fat or cholesterol ★


Why you should be taking Rice Protein Powder (80%):

If you’ve been avoiding rice products because you consider them “carbohydrate foods,” it’s time to harness the power of rice protein.
Despite its reputation as a source of carbohydrates, rice contains a good amount of protein, about four grams per cup of white rice and more than five grams per cup of brown rice. Because brown rice offers slightly more protein, most rice protein supplements are derived from it. Rice protein powder is made by grinding rice grains and treating them with an enzyme that separates the starch (carbohydrate) from the protein.


What are the benefits of our Rice Protein Powder?

  • Helps build muscle and lose fat
  • Allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Easily digested
  • All nine essential amino acids included.
  • No more gas or upset stomach: this plant protein contains no oligosaccharides!
  • Helps reduce food cravings

The complete guide to Rice Protein Powder

Proteina de Arroz (80%)

Proteina de Arroz (80%)

Proteina de Arroz (80%)

Helps build muscle

Rapid muscle recovery is ideal for those who work out every day to maximise the effects of their training. We need a large amount of essential amino acids to repair muscle tissues after a workout. Protein demands increase the more we exercise and the more frequently we exercise.

Rice protein contains all nine essential amino acids and the protein content our body needs for muscle recovery.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

It takes fewer natural resources to produce rice protein than dairy proteins such as whey and casein, and rice farming emits less carbon than raising livestock.

Easily digested

Due to its high bioavailability and absorption, rice protein powder is easily digestible. It is entirely suitable for those who wish to change their current protein powders because they may suffer from bloating, gas, cramps and digestive discomfort.

Rice protein provides a much more enjoyable experience without these digestive issues compared to other protein sources.

Proteina de Arroz (80%)

VERSATILE USE OF Rice Protein Powder

Rice protein powder can easily be used in a variety of recipes to enhance its nutritional profile. Heat also does not destroy the protein in rice powder, so the supplement will not be affected by cooking or baking.


Proteina de Arroz (80%)

Proteina de Arroz (80%)

Proteina de Arroz (80%)

Rice and peanut protein bars with healthy sultanas and cinnamon

SIMPLICITY ALWAYS WINS THE DAY! FAT RICH PROTEIN SHAKE FOR WINTERS!⠀ That’s why, we always encourage you, NEVER to overcomplicate your recipes. ⠀ If you want to improve your productivity, performance and concentration, help your digestive performance by feeding it simple-to-digest foods that won’t tire you out after you eat or drink them. ⠀ Our Almond Joy protein shake is (ingredients in our webshop):⠀ – enriched with our EU produced rice protein powder (80% protein content)⠀ – sweetened with our lovely seedless dates⠀ – warmed with our healthy fats and natural sources of testosterone: almonds and coconut⠀ Bless you for the choice of plant milk you make!⠀ -Don’t forget to add some water and ice if it’s summery for you ;)⠀ Blend and enjoy the beauties!

Summer Fruit Protein Smoothie

This pineapple and blueberry smoothie is a tropical drink that can be enjoyed all year round. A refreshing, antioxidant-packed treat that nourishes the body for optimal health.

It’s delicious, full of sweetness and natural fruit flavours!

Blend ingredients in a blender and serve:

-Pineapple salad

-1 glass of almond milk

-1 ripe banana

-1 spoon of chia seeds

-15g Rice Protein

-15g Pea Protein

-Blueberry Salad

Protein Latte Coffee

Blend ingredients in a blender and serve:

– 1 scoop (20 grams) of Samskara Rice Protein Powder

– 1 cup iced coffee

– 1 cup vegetable milk

– 1 tablespoon almonds

– 1/2 teaspoon of natural stevia powder


We want to continue to stay atop nutrition. Stay tuned and check our blog for news, events, specials, and recipes! Or check out more recipes from Pinterest!

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