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Ingredients: Organic Acai Powder
origin: South America
storage instructions: Store in a cool, dark and dry place

Our Organic Acai Powder originates from Amazonian Brazil region. The crop flourishes in flood lands and swampy areas and embodies a wealth of nutriends, including potassium, Calcium, Oxygen electrolytes and ideal pre workout!

Micronutrients in Acai Berry Powder contribute

·       They increase the regeneration processes in the body, not only due to the increase in vitamin C levels, but also due to the high levels of iron. This                     means less wrinkles, imperfections and age spots. Plus they have considerable level of fatty acids that aid skin to stay firm, young and healthy.
·      One of the highest antioxidant fruits in the world, – they have powerful healing properties of the heart. Reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.             ·     Improvement of sight.
·      Protection of cells from oxidative stress.
·      Nervous system and immune system support – increase the function of immune cells even when consumed in low doses.
·      Muscle function and blood pressure maintenance – prevents muscular degeneration.
·      Reductions of tiredness and fatigue.
·      Electrolyte balance
·      Increases ORAC levels (oxygen transported between cells that improves physical performance at sport level and recovery) aids with prevention of                  cardiovascular diseases.
·       Energy-yielding metabolism
·       Protein synthesis
·       Normal psychological & cognitive function
·       Formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin – Acai phytochemicals strengthen the cells of the body, which facilitates the fight against any infection           or invasion of free radicals.
·        Source of Omegas EFA!
·        Is Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten free/Kosher friendly!
·        GMO Free, Nut Free.

Suggested use:

  • Up to 3 gr per serving. The Powder is versatile and can be used creatively with smoothies, protein powders, cakes, juices and ice-creams.






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