Rich EU Raw Sunflower Seed Protein Powder (50%) | Organic BIO

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Rich EU Raw Sunflower Seed Protein Powder (50%) | Organic BIO


🍀Sunflower Seed Protein Powder is made from 100% sunflower seeds which are rich in Vitamin-E, Thiamine (B1), Zinc and Selenium helping you to strengthen your immune system, protect against infections, allergies and inflammations. Keep your skin glowing thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The oleic and linoleic acids present in Sunflower Protein Powder prevent the formation of scars.🌈
🍀The fibre content of Sunflower Protein Powder helps to lower cholesterol levels. Vitamin B6 improves your memory and brightens your mood. The high protein and fibre content keeps you satiated for a considerable time, which keeps you away from calorie intake. 🌈
🔔Our Sunflower Seed Protein Powder is Organic/BIO, GMO free, oil and palm oil free, sulphite free, sugar free, vegan friendly and free from chemicals and additives – 100% Natural from the Earth! 🌍 ✨
✏️We recommend 30 grams of sunflower protein powder, best consumed with water/juice/vegetable milk, sprinkled on a salad, added to a trail mix, sprinkled on stir-fries or mixed vegetables, mixed into baked goods, or even mixed with nuts. For even more creativity, use Sunflower Protein Powder in the kitchen in your creative recipes – such as raw vegan cakes, energy bars, oatmeal bowls, etc.🔎
♻️ Samskara Sunflower Protein Powder is packaged in a Kraft bag made from recycled materials, it has a zip closure so you can store it. Once used, please reuse/repurpose it in an efficient and sustainable way. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.💙 🌍 Samskara Sunflower Protein Powder comes from planet Earth, to be more precise from Austria.🍀🍀

Sunflower Seed Protein Powder Benefits:

  • 50% Protein content
  • Improves CollagenSunflower Seed Protein Powder
  • Improve bone health
  • Prevent infectious growth
  • Good for skin hydration and rejuvenation
  • Excellent for brain function
  • Is high in amino acids, both Leucine and Amino Acids.
  • Is raw
  • Free from Easy oligosaccharides! – Easy on the Digestive system! No more gas or upset stomach!
  • Improve metabolism
  • Help Reduce food cravings!
  • Higher Protein Digestibility/absorption compared to other protein powders.
  • Help Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Loaded with more healthy omega fatty acids and fiber than many other common protein powders.
  • Futuristic Protein due to it’s sustainable and green footprint!

Other Benefits of Sunflower SeedsSunflower Seed Protein Powder

2 min

  1. Helps to heal wounds faster
  2. Increase your bone strength
  3. Help increase your brain age
  4. Prevent infectious growth
  5. Make your inner body healthy
  6. Improve your collagen
  7. Help minimise oxidation



Sunflower Seed Protein Powder

Sunflower Seed Protein Powder

Sunflower Seed Protein Powder

How to use Sunflower Seed Protein Powder?

Sunflower Seed Protein PowderThe taste of the protein powder can be quite strong and earthy, as it is pure sunflower seed concentrate.

We strongly recommend integrating fractional amounts into your recipes, such as baking mixes, fruit smoothies, energy bars, soup dressings and soup dressings and much more.





Weight1,200 kg
Dimensions26 × 10 × 34 cm

20kg, 5kg, 250gr, 250 gr x 8

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