Turmeric Powder | Organic BIO | 500 gr

Turmeric Powder | Organic BIO | 500 gr


  • ★Provides a substancial increase in antioxidants.★
  • ★Help for indigestion and acidity. Natural anti-inflammatory compound★
  • ★Improvement of brain function and lower risk of brain disease Maintenance and improvement of health bones, teeth, hair and nails★
  • ★Ingredient for external uses; oil / skin cream / hair / teeth etc ..★.
  • ★Source of copper, calcium, iron and phosphorus.★

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Suggested Uses

Raw Date bars

A must-have in your kitchen, originating from India, Turmeric Powder has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian kitchen. Our Organic Turmeric Powder is cultivated in North India, where the climatic conditions are ideal for the crop.

In addition, turmeric Powder / Curcuma contributes to

  • Provide a substantial increase in antioxidants
  • Help for indigestion and heartburn
  • Natural anti-inflammatory compound
  • Neurotransmission – improves brain function and reduces the risk of brain disease
  • Maintenance and improvement of healthy bones, teeth, hair and nails
  • Ingredient for external uses; oil / skin cream / hair / teeth etc …
  • Source of copper, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.
    and many more properties!
  • Vegan/Gluten-Free


Here’s a secret from every Indian household:

★ 1) Boil 1 small spoon of Curcuma with vegetable milk over low heat and consume before sleeping with your favorite educolorant

★ 2) Add to your curry during the last 3-4 minutes with a little black pepper for maximum effective digestion.

★ 3) Make a mask with essential oils.

★ 4) Create your own toothpaste with Sodium Bicarbonate, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essence and keep it in the fridge.

★ 5) Rub on banana inner skin and massage banana skin with Curcuma on the teeth for a bright smile.

★ Packaged with peace and love ★
★ Product may have a Spanish label/sticker ★
★ Resealable seal packaging ★

Weight0.60 kg
Dimensions20 × 8 × 30 cm

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