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E.U Origin Organic Rice Protein Powder (80%) Proteina de Arroz Ecológico

Ingredients: EU Origin Organic Rice Protein Powder (80%) / Proteina de Arroz Ecológico

origin: Europe

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dark and dry place / Conservar en lugar Seco, Fresco y oscura

Produced in Holland, our Organic Rice protein is Dense in Protein content, ideal for MUSCLE MASS or losing fat, and perfectly simplistic smooth, tasty Protein choice if you want to stick to a source that you know very well. Nuestro Proteina de Arroz Ecológico:


Other benefits of Rice Protein Proteina de Arroz Ecólogico are:

  • 80% Protein content.
  • With 18 amino acids, including ALL NINE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS.
  • Free from Easy oligosaccharides ! – Easy on Digestive system! No more gas or upset stomach!
  • Easy on Digestive system, consumes less digestive energy than other whey/processed proteins. Great replacement for Whey protein!
  • Perfect for reducing fat!
  • Improves liver and heart function!



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Suggested use:

Suggested use:

  • 30 – 40 grams a day depending upon Activity level.
  • Easy source of Protein incase you feel you didn’t get enough Protein during your meal.
  • Blend with Samskara Organic Seedless Dates to make Healthy Protein Smoothies/Energy Balls/Bars Blended with combination of Nuts and favourite spices/flavours.

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2 reviews for E.U Origin Organic Rice Protein Powder | Proteina de Arroz Ecológico

  1. lauracv_1

    Review for Samskara Organic Rice Protein Powder (80%)
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    This is perfect for digestion and very light!

  2. sandshaark

    Very good taste, clean. Good results from it too, been using it for a few months. I can see more muscle already when added to my normal diet and workouts. Thanks.

    • Moe!

      Thanks Dave! Namaste!!

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