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Ingredients: Organic Cacao PowderEU Origin Organic Rice Protein Powder (80%)Organic Maca PowderOrganic Banana Powder and a lot of Samskara love and energy!

origin: Samskara

Weight: 1.350 kg (1350 gr)

storage instructions: Store in a cool, dark and dry place

MoJo Libido Recovery Mix

A combination of 2 Nutri-booster, a Protein component and Banana flavour – MoJo Libido Recovery Mix maybe and is exactly what you think it is – read on. We have put together this combination for all those young, productive, always moving and hard working charismatic personalities! This combination is ideal for all seeking a shake with a higher concentration of Protein content!

Firstly We have added a generous amount fine quality Organic Cacao Powder to stimulate your brain’s happy chemicals (Dopamine, Phenylthylamine, Memory, Focus, Alertness, Endorphines etc), boost you with tons of antioxidants and act as source of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese!

Secondly we graced it with some Organic Maca Powder (remember the good old Maca that will boost sexual recovery and drive up), which will enhance Stamina, strength, calcium, zinc, manganese, potassium, Iron, iodine, B complex vitamins, increase energy levels, bone density, balance female sex hormones, increase exercise performance and even improve cognitive function.

(The combination of Maca and Cacao is so special, that we went ahead and also created a product called, Samskara Macauuuuu! For those of you who wish for this combination seperate from Rice Protein!)

Thirdly we added someOrganic Banana Powder , entirely to give it a touch of a Banana aroma and flavour, indeed, the side ‘benefits’ of this resulted in higher Potassium, Manganese, Vit B6, and C levels.

Lastly and most importantly for all those Protein fans, we went about and added Organic Rice Protein Powder specifically so it is gentle on the taste buds! With 80% Protein content, the Rice protein is sure to boost your Post workout recovery or provide you with just the right amount of sleep recovery if you are taking it towards the end of the day! Additionally Rice protein includes all nine essential amino acids, easy to digest which won’t bloat or result in any gas/es, preservative free, chemical free, that is also known to improve liver and heart function!

Suggested use:

  • Ideally, this protein combination is light and gentle on the system and could be taken at any point during the day! However, we do recommend taking it on empty stomach and not consuming anything for atleast an hour after the shake to feel the effects and let the nutrients absorb in the rightful manner by the body!
  • !NOTE! We recommend 45 grams of powder blended/mixed with atleast 300 ml of your favourite Juice (sugar-free or natural)/Vegetable milk/smoothie/vegetable milk shake. The taste with Water is not as pleasant, however, if you don’t mind the taste and in entirely for the nutritional aspects, Water is convenient and easy too.
  • We do not recommend adding this product to you Granola/Oat bowls, as the consistency wouldn’t allow for the desirable appetite. It is ideally suggested to use a considerable amount of liquid (Min 300ml).


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