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Ingredients: EU origin Organic Hemp protein powder (50%), EU origin Organic Moringa powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, a lot of Samskara love and energy!

origin: Samskara

Weight: 1.350 kg (1350 gr)

storage instructions: Store in a cool, dark and dry place

Samskara Organic Productive Hulk Protein mix

Of course we would not be complete without an all green shake! We’ve carefully put together three key green ingredients (A Protein super house (Organic Hemp protein powder), an under water green algae (Organic Spirulina Powder) loaded with a never ending list of benefits and with another Earth green (Organic Moringa powder), to not only supplement the body with enough Protein, but also to act as an all round replenishment for pretty much, all your Nutrient reserves!

In fact, the list of benefits of this combination is so long, we can only request you to individually check out each ingredients page, because it will spoil the layout of this page.

If we were to summarise Samskara Organic Productive Hulk Protein mix, then we only provide you the assurance that this wonder shake will provide you over 17 grams of a QUALITY, Raw, complete amino acid profile, easily digestible Protein with side benefits such as:

Increasing Productivity, Focus, alertness, sharpness, provide essential fatty acids, reduce food craving + boost reserves for Vit A,B complex, C, D, E, Folic Acid,  Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Chromiu, Iodine Chlorophyll, Calcium, Potassium + act as a source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen immune system, neurological and cognitive support, oxygen transport mechanism, improve skin health, detox heavy metals like Arsenic and  many many other benefits!

Suggested use: 

  • 45 grams a day blended/mixed with your favourite Juice/Shake/Smoothie/Vegetable Milk/Milk shake, or 300-400 ml Water. The taste with Water is not as pleasant, however, if you don’t mind the taste and in entirely for the nutritional aspects, Water is convenient and easy too.
  • !NOTE! – We highly suggest not exceeding the recommended dosage as 45 grams is a moderate and generous serving to supercharge your body with all necessary nutrients! Moderation is KEY!
  • Ideally, this protein combination is light and gentle on the system and could be taken at any point during the day! However, we do recommend taking it on empty stomach and not consuming anything for at least an hour after the shake to feel the effects and let the nutrients absorb in the rightful manner by the body!
  • We do not recommend adding this product to you Granola/Oat bowls, as the consistency wouldn’t allow for the desirable appetite. It is ideally suggested to use a considerable amount of liquid (Min 300ml).
  • Ideal for Breakfast to kick start your day just the right amount of Raw easily digestible protein so you can dedicate energy to focusing on work!
  • Great before workout as the Raw protein will be light on your system and your energy could be dedicated to training rather than Digesting alternate heavy processed powders!
  • Also an easy source of Protein incase you feel you didn’t get enough Protein during your meal.
  • Great meal replacement if you are often in a hurry and cannot afford much time to find/bring together your carbohydrate, protein and vitamin source under one plate during the day! – Just remember, to slow down life when consuming your food/shake/Samskara products – sit down somewhere relaxing  (park bench or office desk – even if it is for 2 minutes).

!NOTE! When mixed with water, Hemp Protein Powder has a very Earthy flavour, therefore if you are seeking to improve it’s taste, you may want to consider using it with Juice, Nut milk or blend Samskara Seedless Dates with it. 


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