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Choco Rice Protein Nutritional information




Ingredients: EU Origin Organic Rice Protein Powder (80%), Organic Cacao Powder and a lot of Samskara love and energy!

origin: Samskara

Weight: 1.20 kg (1200 gr)

storage instructions: Store in a cool, dark and dry place

Samskara Peruvian Choco Rice Protein mix is a blend of our classic light Peruvian coloured Cacao powder and EU Origin Rice protein!!

This combination is ideal for all seeking a shake with a higher concentration of Protein content, perfect for any time of the day!



Firstly We have added a generous amount of our quality Organic Cacao Powder just so to:

  • stimulate your brain’s ✅happy chemicals (Dopamine, Phenylthylamine, Memory, Focus, Alertness, Endorphines etc)
  • boost you with tons of ✅ antioxidants
  • provide ✅Magnesium, ✅Phosphorus, ✅Manganese!

and finally we graced it with our EU origin  Organic 80% Rice Protein powder! to boost recovery or even an amazingly energetic start to your day!

This combination is simple and special!

Suggested use

Suggested use

  • !NOTE! We recommend 6-12 grams of powder per serving
  • !! Recipe idea!! 30-40 grams of this powder with our Seedless Dates and your favourite nuts, in a Blender/Food Processor.