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  3. During the use of this website (, you may not post or send to or from this website (, any material:
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  • Harmful in nature, including and without limitation, computer software viruses, Trojan horses, corrupted data, and or other potentially harmful data/softwares.
  1. In the case of breach of Paragraph 4 and 5 above, we will submit to law enforcement authorities and court order and or fully co-operate with law enforcement authorities and court order requiring us to disclose details of any person or Identities of persons posting to this website (
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8.1 In the case you do choose to link to our website ( in breach of Paragraph 8 (a-d) you shall indemnify us fully for any damages or loss that has consequently been suffered by us a result of your action.

  1. We take all necessary actions to ensure that the information presented on this website ( is correct and up to date, however we do not provide any guarantee that the information is correct or complete. We would be constantly updating and making necessary amendments to the website ( without any notice to ensure relevant up-to-date information.
  2. We do not provide any conditions or warranties for the material at this Website (
  3. We, or any other party or organization will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage that may result to you or a third party as a result of your or their use of our website ( This exclusion include, withour limitations, any servicing, repair costs, any direct, indirect or consequential loss, whether in tort, contract or in connection with this website (
  4. Nothing in the above terms shall exclude or limit liability for
  • Death or personal Injury caused by negligence
  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation as to fundamental matter
  • Liability which cannot be excluded or limited under law of Spain and or E.U
  1. The original and official language used on this website is English. We use ‘Google Translate’ tool to translate languages to either, ‘German’, ‘Spanish’ and/or ‘Catalan’. We apologize for any mistakes found in your language as the translation tool is not always accurate. If you are not sure regarding any specific detail/information/data read on this site, kindly, either, (a) re check in English version (if you speak English), or, (b) check with an official Translator, or (c) get in touch with us with your query/doubt and we will try to solve it at our earliest.
  2. Nutritional and Health disclaimers made on this website ( provide no guarantee that the user, or yourself, will experience the same effects/benefits as no body is the same and has a different body.
  3. We provide no guarantee of increase in ‘productivity’ or ‘focus’ or any non measurable component of your or the users lifestyle. We always recommend to try our products when hungry/on empty stomach/breakfast/post workout to feel the effects of our products, however, for any products used not in the suggested way or incorrect combination/use is entirely the responsibility of the user.
  4. For stamps that are labeled ‘samskara approved’ imply and summarise a variety of common allergen/food/diet/regulatory stamps as a group, these allergens are (a) Vegan (b) Vegetarian (c) Gluten-free (d) GMO free (e) Sugar-free (f) Nut-free (g) Organic (h) Ecological (i) Artificial Flavours free, Therefore, all allergen/food/diet/regulatory stamps above from (a-i) imply that the product is ‘samskara approved’.
  5. If you or the user noticed a ‘samskara approved’ stamp, you/user is safe to assume the product is all of the following (a-h): (a) Vegan (b) Vegetarian (c) Gluten-free (d) GMO free (e) Sugar-free (f) Nut-free (g) Organic (h) Ecological (i) Artificial Flavours free. We ( assume all responsibility in certifying the above qualities/features/food allergens/diet/regulatory stamps are true.
  6. All products listed under ‘Samskara Sharp’ category/section/page are commonly advised to use/intake before work/in the morning/after waking up from atleast 4 hours of sleep/before sport or physical exercise/or any focus related activity, to enhance your ability to focus and concentrate at your subject/activity. This website ( however, takes absolutely no responsibility or provides no guarantee that your focus/concentration/productivity towards your activity/sport/work will improve or change what so ever.
  7. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, it will be assumed that the user or person agreeing has considered the language of the Terms & Conditions being English. Further some, it is  assumed that appropriate Language interpreters have been consulted in the case the user or person agreeing the Terms & Conditions does not fully understand English.
  8. You/Users/Buyers are at any point entitled to request for Organic Certificate for any of our products; however in order to respect interests of our Company/Organisation/Business/Corporation/Website (Samskara,, the request must be sent by an established Non-Profit Organic/Ecological market Regulatory organisation. At no point are we (Samskara, to provide any Organic/Ecological certificate to you/last user/buyer. We encourage you/last user/buyer, to get in touch with a Organic/Ecological market Regulatory organisation.
  9. This site ( and it’s owners take no responsibility or provides no guarantee to corporations, organisations, organizations, entities, institutions, establishments, firms, houses, governmental establishment, governmental organisations, governmental organizations, companies, owners of corporations/organisations/entities/institutions/establishments/firms/houses/shops/profit and non profit entities in regards to any loss/loss resulting from low productivity/allegations for actions or activity caused by the use of products sold on this site (
  10. The Return policy only applies to customers based in Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg and Austria. Kindly review our Returns policy page for further information.
  11. For Return of funds request coming from a purchase order, that had delivery requested to any of the  countries outside of (or not any of the following:) Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom or Italy, would be considered a Refund after deducting either 15 euros or 15% of the Purchase value.
  12. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, it is further understood the user or person agreeing has considered all Disclaimers made. If you would like to review our Disclaimers page, kindly click here.
  13. Legal Notice will be governed and construed in accordance to Spanish Laws. Dispute(s) that arise in relation to Legal Notice are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Spain.
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