The Best Vegan Protein 101

The Best Vegan Protein 101

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So you’re curious what could be The Best Vegan/Vegetarian Protein out there?

The Best Vegan Protein
Protein DNA

So you’ve gone Vegan or Vegetarian recently or/and just wondering which is the Best Vegan Protein out there? Should you take supplement powders? Or stick to Whole foods only!? What are the health consequences. We will quickly go through all. But firstly, Don’t Worry. Be happy!

Don’t Worry. Be happy!

Indeed, one of the most common question regarding the entire ‘Vegan’ lifestyle is, what protein sources exist? And what are the best vegan protein source/s? It may be a worry to many, however, we would like to leave absolutely clear here itself, there are almost no cases in the developed and developing regions for protein deficiency and it should only perhaps be a worry for under developed nations where there exists malnutrition due to lack of resources and food access. If you are able to access this, presumably you own a screen/computer/phone to do it, and presumably you have acquired the basic necessities of life on a regular basis, i.e food, shelter, water. So lets be grateful to that first. 

So, relax, don’t worry about protein, even if you find yourself living of rice and/or bread, you will surely meet your body’s minimum requirement. In fact, eating ‘ONLY’ Potatoes, will suffice your protein needs!! Proof? Read below!

World Health Organisation recommended Protein intake

”The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that men and women obtain 5% of their calories as protein.  This would mean 38 grams of protein for a man burning 3000 calories a day and 29 grams for a woman using 2300 calories a day”.  In fact a research from 1940 also suggests about 20 grams daily intake should be enough, and remember, we were much more active in the 1940s, but indeed, the food quality was also much more organic so the proteins were much more digesteable. So here, we re iterate, you live in a developed world with access to technology, shelter, food and water. Stop wasting energy worrying about a Protein Deficiency crisis in the coming future to you or your loved ones, be grateful to life, and lets work towards other problems. 

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However, we will definitely study further options for protein for those wishing to increase the intake for other personal reasons, such as sports, fitness, maintenance, replacing too many processed carbs, health and medical reasons like degenerative organ/s, and other cases.

And our award goes to!?

Before we waste a buck of time luring you into this article any further, here comes. The best Vegan protein, or Vegetarian protein out there in our honest opinion is HEMP

Hemp is easily the best vegan protein out there, for numerous reasons! It is one of the most versatile and complete plants on the face of our planet! It is versatile thanks to the various uses it has, from an array of industrial purposes to Medicinal! The protein is basically made by separating the oil from hemp seeds and further cold processing it to powder. 

YES, using Hemp will not get you high and it is LEGAL to use Hemp products, at least in most countries Western countries – in the EU, and even USA and Canada, given that hemp products are extremely low on THC content. However, it is worth checking the regulations in your country if you are in a non EU/North American country. 

Protein (powder)

Hemp Powder
Best Vegan Protein Powder- Healthiest, Least damaging Raw Protein powder!! 

Hemp is raw (heat process free), reduced food craving, easy on digestive system, free from preservatives & nasty chemicals/flavours,  source of Gamma Linolenic acid (Omega 6 EFA source) and rich in healthy fats. Users have noted that it also improves stamina, energy and performance! It also contains all essential Amino acids!

Although Hemp contains all essential amino acids, studies suggest it has low levels of Lysine and Leusine. The two amino acids are compensated by generous levels of Arginine and Tyrosine – which are great for improving focus as they boost blood flow to the brain! And Samskara loves brain food!

Fibre and Fats!!!

Hemp, in addition to all the above benefits, also has a substantial amount of extremely healthy fibres which improves digestibility. If you are a protein freak and use to the typical 80+% protein content in your powders, then maybe you might want to consider other plant proteins like Rice or Pea Protein! However, NOTE, Hemp, being in it’s raw state promises a very efficient digestibility, and the protein is much more complete. 

Face to Face, after using other Protein powders out there (Whey, Casein, Soy, Pea, Rice), Hemp THUMPS all Protein Powders we have used! In general, Protein Powders are not extremely healthy, specially on our liver, however, it wouldn’t be very hurtful to have a shake a day because you have a tight schedule! Specially if you are not using or submerging yourself into other harmful habits or products. Here, we prefer the option with minimal damage, therefore, we personally just prefer Hemp as it is raw (un heated) and easier to digest. 

Prioritise! Protein from Meals!

However, If you are not one of those with a busy schedule or even in fact, if you don’t train at all, trust us, you DO NOT need powders! Yes, you don’t need any protein powder what so ever! Get your protein from whole foods! So, which are the best sources of Vegan protein out there if you were not to use powders!?

I’d say, think Beans – all sorts, Mother nature has gifted us with a huge variety to choose from! Think Nuts – Peanuts are high in Protein content, our current favourite however are Almonds! Also large portions of vegetables, – and we mean substantial amounts, at least 60% of calories off the plate.

Tofu, fermented Beans and Mungs are all great too! Think blend of seeds! When it comes to soy, indeed, there is a lot of tension out there! Always stick to moderation! Tofu is extremely healthy (when organic and prepared the traditional Japanese way/or least processing). Remember, the Japanese have perfected long age and health, and Tofu is a humongous factor in their diet, however, remember the word, ‘MODERATION’.

If you are one who is running around ticking off your To do list, and even love training, then out of all the powders, We’d really motivate you to consider Hemp! We have faith in Hemp! and we have Hemp in our shop!

Conclusion – The Best Vegan Protein

All in all, we will conclude the best vegan protein powder out there is definitely Hemp Protein powder for all those hustlers or athletes and working out community. However if you’re a person who has time as wealth and some what active, then getting your protein intake traditionally, through well combined and prepared whole foods listed above would always the best option.

We believe, Hemp, thanks to it’s, potent and organic fibrous content proves to be in unity within both categories, whole foods and Protein powders! Hemp seeds are indeed considered as a whole food, however, we also regard Hemp powder to be a whole food, and not, just ”any other protein powder”, which means you can indeed use it in your salad, or energy balls, or get playful in the kitchen.

-In our next post we will get into the various ways one could use our Organic Hemp Protein Powder!!

Confession, by the Way

Yes, after all this, it feels rather cheesy to us, however we happen run an online Vegan Plant based supplements shop, where we sell a very fine EU farmed Organic Hemp Protein! Being a start up, we try to compete with large producers on Amazon/eBay, and we do guarantee cheapest price in respect to Organic range.

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Hemp, for life!  

Indeed if you do decide you would like to purchase Hemp Protein or one of our products, do find yourself redirected to the following link (remember, if you have any trouble with the website, get in touch directly, as I’m always in trial and error mode, specially with this website): 

You can also check out our Hemp Protein here:

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P.S Hemp tastes rather Earthy! At start, isn’t really tasty specially with water, however goes well juice/vegetable milk, or other blends.


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